At its simplest, cloud computing refers to accessing data and programs over the internet instead of from locally owned resources. 

Everything from custom built business Applications to data centers can be operated from the cloud. There are many advantages for Small and medium size businesses to move to Cloud based solutions


 Cloud based Solutions are ideal for businesses that have low IT requirements. It easily allows an organization to scale up capacity by leveraging the Remote Server services. Also using a pay-as-you-go methodology, business can save cost by only paying for the resources that are consumed. 


Disaster Recovery

Using Cloud based services, businesses can implement a robust disaster recovery architecture for significantly less capital expenditure than would be required for locally deployed systems. Backups can be stored in the cloud and made available within minutes of a disaster, ensuring business continuity and mitigating loss of revenue.  


Future Proofing

 Organizations of all sizes struggle to keep up with the fast paces changes that dominate the IT landscape. Servers and applications can be made obsolete with new advances in technology. Using a cloud based design, businesses benefit from the ability to quickly evolve their requirements without having to invest in new hardware. This represents significant cost savings as well as provides necessary agility to match customer requirements


Reduced Operation Expenses

 CloudServices Inc, offers 100% managed solutions. This means the servers are off-premise and monitored and maintained by our team of engineers. This allows organizations to reduce the over IT operations budget and have a worry free environment


Reduced Capital Expenses

 Cloud Solutions reduces the high start up costs of purchasing expensive hardware required to support your IT infrastructure. With the pay-as-you-go model, customers enjoy a close to zero upfront investment 

Work from Anywhere

Never be tied to your office again. With CloudServices Inc Cloud Solutions, you have the freedom to work from anywhere on any device with the same look and feel that you would have in the office. Organizations gain flexibility with having their employees truly mobile without loosing productivity. 



Cloud Solutions mitigates the risk in employees loosing laptops. Even greater than loosing the physical device is the risk of loosing sensitive company data. Since data is stored and secured in the Cloud, you can easily remove access for the lost Laptop and wishing minutes, provision a new system with access to the data. 


With these benefits and more, CloudServices Inc’s Cloud Solutions offer real advantages to a growing business. 

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